Wide range available

We provide a wide range of lighting including lanterns, intelligent lighting, control and dimming.
Provided here is a partial list of our lighting stock, please contact us if you don't see what you are looking for.

Avolites Pearl 2004
Zero88 Alcora
Zero88 Juggler
USB to DMX adapter (we have at least 3 different types in stock including 1 that we build in-house)
Zero88 Level 6 Analogue
Various DMX to Analogue converters (demux units)

Zero88 Alphapack 2
Zero88 Betapack
Zero88 Betapack 2
Various single channel DMX controlled dimmers

Generic Lanterns
ETC Source 4 profile (with a variety of lenses)
Strand Quartet fresnel
CCT Minuette zoom profile (21-36 degrees)
ETC Source 4 PAR
Strand Coda
PAR64 (Long nose and floor standing short nose)

LED Lighting
LED PAR64 (short nose in both black and silver)
American DJ TriPAR Profile
LEDJ Performer 18 QUAD
Beamz Flatpar 7x 18W 6-in-1-Hexcolour RGBAWUV
Showtec Studiobeam LED (High power unit in the style of Source 4 PAR)
Intelliway Chameleon (8 way LED Batten)
Equinox RGB Power Batten

Intelligent Lighting
NJD Datamoon
Acme Rover
Futurelight SC-240 scanner (150w discharge lamp)
Futurelight SC-250 scanner (150w discharge lamp)
Futurelight SC-380 scanner (150w discharge lamp)
Futurelight PHS-150 moving head spot (150w discharge lamp)
Windirect 250w Moving head wash (250w discharge lamp)
Windirect 250w Moving head spot (250w discharge lamp)

Special Effects
UV flood 250W
UV flood 400W
UV cannon 400W
Bubble machines (various)
Antari F-70 or similar smoke machine
Skywalker smoke machine
Look Solutions Unique Hazer