Video Relay

Video relay brings your audience closer to the action even if your event is split between two venues. We can provide a relay system into the second venue for a large screen. These systems tend to be unique to each venue based on the individual constraints of the event, so it is always best to call and discuss your requirements. We can usually find a solution for any venue and have links than can work up to 1KM. We have composite and component analogue systems with or without audio as well as HDMI digital sytems.

Data projectors

We have a selection of data projectors available for hire, these are small units suitable for business presentations upto a brightness of 3000 lumens. If you arrange to hire a PA system and data projector together, we can usually offer a discount over the price you would pay to hire them separately.


We have a selection of screens available for hire from 14" computer monitors through to large LCD and Plasma monitors. These larger screens are useful for smaller presentations where there is not enough space for a projector or as an in-vision monitor in a studio production. They are also useful where there is too much ambient light for a data projector.

Broadcast flyaway - Coming soon!

We are building a flyaway system around our existing stock of Thomson 1657 cameras. If you want more details, please don't hesitate to contact us.