PA Hire

We can provide PA systems of varying sizes from a pair of JBL Control 1 speakers and a small amplifier right through to large stacked systems for major events.

You will always receive the best service by discussing your requirements in detail, then we can recommend the best system for you. We can even provide a full crew for your event..

PA Packages

We offer a range of pre-configured package systems suitable for different environments.

More details to follow soon.

Here is a selection of our sound stock:


JBL Control 12SR 12"/1.75"
JBL XB15 15” Subwoofer
Mackie ART300 12"/1"
TEK 12"/1"
Shermann Q6 6"/1”
JBL Control 1 6.5”/1”
JBL EON 15 Active 15”/1.75”
JBL EONSUB Active 15” Subwoofer
Turbosound TXD112
Turbosound TXD12M
Turbosound TXD115
Turbosound TXD252
100v Line Horn 15w
100v Line Horn 30w


Crown XTi 2000
Crown XTi 4000
Yamaha P7000S


Behringer X32 Compact
Yamaha MG102C (10ch)
Phonic Helixboard 24 (built in firewire interface)
Behringer MX1602A (16ch)
Behringer (4ch)


Shure SM58
Shure SM57
Shure Beta58
Shure Beta57
Sennheiser E835
AKG Perception 170
Shure Beta52A
Plus a range of Sennheiser evolution wireless microphones

Our range is constantly expanding so this list is always out of date, if you don't see something you need just ask - we might already have it!